Thursday, December 16, 2010

Too much is being made of....

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India's batting performance at SuperSport park. This reminds me more of the India-Pakistan Karachi test than any other test. Of course, it was Pakistan at the receiving end then. India however, ended up losing the match.

I could watch only the first 20 overs before having to leave. In those twenty overs it was clear to me that the conditions played more of a hand than anything else. As the day went by, I was sure the wicket would ease a little. Tomorrow, it might play even nicer in the second and third sessions. Unfortunately, no one is around to hang with Dhoni besides Unadkat.

The second day wicket might be reasonable enough for Dhoni to eke out enough runs to take India past 200. Provided Unadkat hangs on like Panesar or Ishant in the recent past. Good news is that unlike South Africa at Durban last time, India were not bowled out for less than 100. Looking at the score card, it looks like Dhoni is fighting the conditions.

The worst news of the day is probably Raina. He probably has one more chance to redeem himself before Pujara will be ushered into the side. I am a Raina believer, but it appears that my faith is misplaced. Now many better batsmen did worse, but that's not the point ever, is it?

The key question is whether Sreesanth, Ishant and Unadkat have it within them to get enough wickets. And also whether Tendulkar and co. can fight out a draw from this situation. Regardless, it's a fantastic start to the series.

On the other hand, I caught more Ashes action and Australia were at a somewhat identical 24/3, just like India. While with India there is hope of salvaging a draw due to their batting as well as weather, Australia are probably staring at another pasting. Ponting's head would have been on the line, except that Clarke's failure may save him. Go figure. Clarke's dismissal reminded me of the likes of Vikram Rathore hanging out their bats in the past. The low confidence showed and Clarke seriously needs a rethink.

Hussey busily got some runs and in the end 268 was more runs than I thought Australia would muster. Harbhajan..oops Johnson got some runs. Now let's hope he gets some wickets to prevent this from being a one-sided steamroll.


Mahek said...

Draw? Man I think it will be easier to win than draw if the pitch continues to be good for bowling.

PS: South Africa were dismissed for below 100 at Jo'burg & not Durban.

Golandaaz said...

Going for a win now is easire than a draw man. I agree with Mahek.

Also, the tragedy is Raina will be given one more chance.

I think this test is gone. I agree it was the conditions. Its fashionable to say that the batsmen gave away wickets but I don't buy that.

We deserve to lose this Test...for our dim witted selection and cramped scheduling

Unknown said...

200? You must be joking, Vidooshak!

Mahek and Gol, I doubt the conditions will remain as they are. Harbhajan in the press conference also thought that it will be easier for batting on Day 2.

But India can still draw the match, because weather reports suggest rains on Day 4 and thunderstorms on Day 5. And weather reports in South Africa have so far been fairly accurate. So unless South Africa can wrap this match up in less than 3 days, it should be a draw.

Golandaaz said...

SJ, It can rain all day on Day 4. I don't think SA will need more than 80 overs to roll us over in the 2nd innings.

The pitch will get better not Gambhir, Dravid and Raina.

Vidooshak said...

Mahek - My was J'burg and not Durban...typing too fast without's opinions man..not facts :-)

Vidooshak said...

Gol - you are too pessimistic. This Indian batting line up does have some pedigree. I think weather is likely to intervene to save India in this test. But some gumption is needed. The bowling so far has been ineffective.

Golandaaz said...

Less than 150 in the first innings almost always results in a loss. I think I am being realistic. I don't think we can last a day. That's doubling our stay from the first innings. If Vijay Amritraj were our coach he would have encouraged us to conserve our energies for the next test :-)

Let Raina and Unadkat bowl...give the others some rest for the next test.

Sachin is bowling and getting it to turn! man!

Ganesh said...

Even on a good sporting wicket,bowlers can't do much if the total is just 136.We were a 100 runs short.Some 225-250 might've surely added pressure on the Saffers.