Saturday, December 4, 2010

Raina Rested

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Raina is finally getting the rest that his captain had lobbied for. The Indian test line-up minus Gambhir is now getting enough time off to recharge their batteries for the title clash in South Africa. Primarily this means any excuses for collapses, caving in without a fight or poor form are eliminated. The best team is available, healthy and as ready as they can be.

This makes for a juicy contest and hopefully we will not be disappointed. Given that India is a batting heavy team, it's unlikely to be a slug-fest with SA. The contest will be between Indian batsmen and Steyn. Indian bowlers are likely to take care of business with Kallis and Amla the only two South Africans likely to offer significant resistance on sporting wickets. De Villiers and Smith to me have always been fair weather bullies although the record may prove otherwise.

Raina needs to fire in South Africa and needs to put the doubters at rest. Both Gambhir and he have been dogged by questions about their technique against bouncers and short balls. Gambhir will be facing a new-ball wielding Steyn. What better opportunity than that to prove to everyone that he's overcome his weakness.

Raina may face the second new ball or a reverse swinging ball depending on the situation. Therefore, he too will have the opportunity to do something special.

Ultimately, it will come down to Sehwag, Dravid and Tendulkar as usual. Zaheer will likely have his best series down there. Hopefully, Ishant will fire too.


straight point said...

v... the more i see munaf bowling in odis... the more i get bewildered at the selection of yadav and unadkat for sa tour...

Golandaaz said...


We should have beaten SA in 2006. No one would have questioned our #1 standing. Now we must do it.

You see the parallels with Australia 2001 and 2005 in India. They had to come back with a Wicket Keeper captain to finally claim the final frontier.

I digress. For SR, this tour will define him. Last time around VVS and Ganguly played some very useful knocks. He has to stand up

Vidooshak said...

SP -- See my lament in a previous post or maybe that's what you are referring to. Completely puzzled by why Munaf hasn't been picked. My guess is that he'll be on the plane as an additional member. Or one of Yadav and Unadkat will have a mysterious injury. :-)

Having said that, I don't see how they will play him ahead of Ishant or Sreesanth in the first test at the Centurion.