Tuesday, December 28, 2010

India may lose

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Watching the post-tea session it was Kallis and ABDV that seemed to be in control. Getting Amla to a ball way outside off was similar to Sehwag's dismissal. He will rue it if SA lose. Amla deserves as much blame as Sehwag if SA do lose.

India seemed to have been batting with setting a 300 run target rather than batting SA out of this game. Laxman being the sole exception. Zaheer came guns blazing reminding me of some of Kapil's brainless efforts in the past. However, he was lucky not to be out and worked himself in and stayed with Laxman to put India at some advantage.

However, watching the game today, it appeared that the harsh sun had helped the pitch ease out somewhat. There were a few unplayables out there, but India's bowling was terrible compared to the discipline with which SA attacked the off stump corridor.

But the morning might bring a new Zaheer to the bowling crease. If he can prise out one of ABDV or Kallis quickly, India might nose ahead. But both batsmen seem to be in little trouble, except for Kallis wanting to throw away his wicket with a hoik just short of mid-on. Harbhajan is key to India's chances. ABDV seems his likely victim.

Regardless, the first session could script the tale tomorrow. As of now it's even, with India maybe a hair ahead.


Golandaaz said...

I think we lost it at 60 odd for 4.

Look at these 2 matches


Chasing 300+ has been done before at this very ground and has been done by Kallis. I am sure they don't need statsguru to know 192 is very much achievable

MoollaCricket said...

I know that the target is achievable and at this ground given the conditions. However, SA are better known to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory vice versa. Tomorrow it is going to come down to mental strenght; calming the nerves and playing according to conditions. It is still anyone's game.

Unknown said...

De Villiers has done it in the past against Australia at Perth... chasing 414 with a rookie JP Duminy at the other end.

India, on the other hand, have defended sufficient targets in the past... again at Perth in Jan 2008. It will be a tense finish... can't wait for the Day 4 to start.