Monday, December 27, 2010

India ahead

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India came roaring back into the second test with some luck and lots of good bowling. Zaheer is as good as Steyn. There I said it. He may not have Steyn's strike rate or his speed, but he has exactly the same effect on his team and the opposition that Steyn does. He was fantastic this morning in South Africa.

Harbhajan finally produced a bowling spell that he can be truly proud off in recent times. Several tests had passed and he wasn't really turning games around with his bowling. This performance was a good one to put that criticism to rest for a few matches. He used the bounce on offer really well and bowled a superb spell to finish off South Africa.

Sreesanth and Ishant must still cause Dhoni some worries, but two out of four bowlers doing really well is a much better place to be than none.

The story of today to me though was the terrible shots that Sehwag and Tendulkar played to get out. This outrageous exhibition of batting when the team had enough time to bat South Africa out of the match is inexcusable. They will both be regarded as great batsmen and I think they are exceptional. But this batting performance from them could cost India the match. They are both in great form and the team needed them to stick around and take India to a safe enough lead (which I think is ~300 runs).

Vijay got a brute of a delivery and with experience he will learn to leave those types of balls alone even if it means having to duck under some balls that don't rise as high as the one that got him. Dravid is no longer playing the difference making innings that he used to. He played a terrible shot as well with feet rooted. He will not forgive himself and the result could be a worse batting performance in the next test than an improvement.

Pujara and Laxman are holding up quite well and may take India to a lead of 250 or so, along with contributions from Dhoni and the tail. This will be short of what would really be needed to put away the game. Amla and Kallis will be difficult to get at a second time. With time not a factor for South Africa and three form batsmen in the side, the odds will favor them, if India don't put up a big enough total.

The match is finely balanced and some indiscretion from South African batsmen and a repeat bowling performance from Zaheer is needed for India to claim this game.


Golandaaz said...

i think india have given it away. Was just looking at recent test matches..and the scores are on par but for that one huge innings in each match which I think SA will have in the 4th

Ganesh said...

After 3 days,the match is still evenly balanced.

Golandaaz said...

India can't afford to lose this one. I think SA are slightly ahead because JK is still there

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Hi Vidooshak,

You said Zaheer is as good as Steyn.

I'll give you another statement, "VVS is currently the best batsman in the world".

If India win this match it will be more down to VVS, than anyone else. Like the innings against Australia a few weeks back, he is playing match defining innings.

Sehwag has the flashing strokes, Tendulkar all the centuries, but VVS is the man dragging India over the winning line.

He seems to be able to play an innings to suit any wicket, or any match situation.

I'm not totally convinced by your Zaheer statement, but I can understand why you would say that.

If Zaheer didn't have as many injuries as he has had lately, they would be easier to compare.

I'd just have Steyn ahead of him at the moment, but not by much.