Sunday, January 30, 2011

Team slogans for the world cup

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In the era of mental conditioning coaches, motivational speakers and advocates of visualization of goals, here is a look at some of the slogans being adopted by the various teams to help them prepare for the upcoming ICC Cricket world cup.

Contrary to what you might think, many teams have shown a refreshing ability to factor their limitations and temper their goals accordingly.

Pressure - As long as you know whom to blame for your defeats; there is no end to the amount of pressure you can handle

Hangover - Winning World cups does not cure hangovers. So why bother?

Leadership - Captaincy is over rated. Believe in the collective. Outrage resulting from from collective failures spares even the most incompetent of individuals - Modern Australian saying attributed to Andrew Hilditch

Sri Lanka
Team Work - You shall not let an opponents individual glory overshadow your team's well deserved losses. Your team over an opponent's individual. Always.

The Power of Now - Now is your best chance to go deep. The older you get, there is no guarantee that you may ever get a chance to stand up to such occasions.

South Africa 
Happy Feet - No More Cold Feats

The Final Frontier - Its sometimes about losing it all as well.

West Indies
Talent - Only when you consistently keep getting worse as a team over long periods of time, do you appreciate the depth of talent you once had.

New Zelanad
Preparation - When you lose all 9 of the games in preparation for the world cup, you will need a good set of excuses for reaching the semis; as is the Kiwi custom


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