Friday, December 17, 2010

Ashes 3.2: Jet Lag Strikes

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Indian and English fans who were feeling sorry for Australia have been made to look like fools.

Mitch the magician put up a grand show as the English batsmen choose to watch his tricks closely on television than face 2 face.

Too many questions...

Are these the last gasps of a dying man? Or are Australia for real?

What's it going to take to make Australia stay mediocre?

Were the English batsmen Jet Lagged?

Were Trott and Collingwood not paid their match fees?

Why did they come out to bat at all if they were going to be so keen to get back?

I am sure there must be many occasions where they are thankful for not being Pakistanis, but surely they must be especially thankful today. For trained Pakistani eyes this was cash motivated incompetence.

I personally think it was Jet Lag though.

Strauss has indicated that England went wrong in their preparations. They needed to pick 2 first XIs and station one of the squads in Perth at all times. To expect players to adjust in 2 different time zones is rubbish he said.

England are due to announce their squad for the Dec 2014 Perth Test at the end of the third days play.

Geoff Boycott was appointed to the "Time Zone Management Director" for the ECB.

In sum, the advantage of tour matches and year long preparations for juicy, fast pitches is 50 odd runs. No wonder the BCCI think its poor return on investment. But then we are comparing English apples to Indian Oranges...

Today Australia forced us to check and see if we said anything in the past that make us cringe or eat our opinions. Check these out...

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straight point said...

another press release said that once the india-south africa match started they got distracted (for the want of knowing score) and collapsed...

Golandaaz said...

i am getting the SA feed here in the US. Its peaceful to watch cricket without Shastri, Sunny, Shiva, Arun Lal, etc

England screwed up all over again today...