Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Opinions On...Ashwell Prince

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Ashwell Prince, while at the crease, has the perpetual expression of a long distance runner who has hit a wall into mile 20 of a marathon.

It does not matter if South Africa are ahead or trying to catch up.

Neither does it mater if he is batting on zero or a hundred.

A raging turner of a pitch or green top. For Ashwell its all the same.

He likes to make batting look like a test of endurance. Of the spectators' that is.

If England's Trott is boring, Ashwell Prince is painful to watch.

Everything about his batting is edgy, proddy, apologetic and laboured. Even his crispiest drives seem miscued. The way he goes about moving around the crease between balls, gives you the impression he is trying to hide from the world.

If Ashwell Price were to bat with a big hole in the center of his bat, I doubt anyone, including him, would notice.  He would still have played 61 Tests and scored 3487 runs @ 43.58 for South Africa.

Before the Ashes, God, in answering Ricky Pontings's prayers said....

You wil score 800+ runs, 6 hundreds. Your side will win the Ashes 5-0. You will be captain for as long as you wish. However...

I will have to make you bat like Little Ashwell

Ricky Ponting said promptly..."Thanks but no Thanks".

Mike Hussey has not forgiven Ricky Ponting for this. Greg Chappel on hearing about this is learnt to have put an arm around Ponting and said..."I understand, mate...Its tough to make the right calls sometimes"

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