Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Opinions on... IPL Auctions

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I don't like IPL auctions.

Players are entitled to get market value for the services they offer. There is a huge market for cricket in the subcontinent. There is money to be made. Cricketers are the central theme that make it possible for businesses to diversify and make a profit from the game of cricket. And for that players and stars need to get their due. The greater the star value of a player the better his market price. I get that.

But I don't like IPL auctions.

There are some things that need to happen behind closed doors. Not everything needs to be on reality TV. To reduce contract negotiations to a yearly episode of "Deal or No Deal", makes me want to cringe and hide. Its impolite to ask anyone how much he or she makes. I am not suggesting that player contracts be classified. But is there a need to make such a brazen, coarse, ostentatious, pompous, vainglorious, theatrical show out of it.

Can we not have agents who work with the franchises, under guidelines laid out by the IPL governing council negotiate the best contract on behalf of the players.

And, please can someone tell the media that when Kevin Pietersen signs with the Royal Challengers Bangalore that they have not bought him. Its simply a contract between RCB and Kevin Pietersen where he is paid a few dollars for services rendered.

The IPL is a phenomenal product in need of some serious class.

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Vidooshak said...


Agree that IPL needs class. Why can't they adopt the draft system like in the NFL or NBA? Players declare themselves for the draft and get drafted and then their agents negotiate their salaries. All this happens within the cap system and it's all behind the scenes. The word auction conjures up images of slavery and gladiator exchanges. It's sick and primitive. But somehow I expect the neo-rich in India to enjoy that. Witness the crass display of wealth by showcasing the Ambani mansion.