Saturday, June 25, 2011

Roger is like family : Sachin

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Roger Federer has said that he dreams of a day when he can take time off from Wimbledon and spend time watching Sachin Tendulkar play live, meet with him and take pictures with the great man.

Sachin Tendulkar said, he is living Roger Federer's dream.

Usain Bolt too said that he dreams of watching Sachin Tendulkar play live. He could have realized his dream in his hometown of Jamaica but Sachin Tendulkar was spending quality time with Roger Federer; whom he considers "family".

It was only last year when Usain Bolt declined to participate in the Commonwealth games. Had he done so, he could have watched Sachin Tendulkar score a double hundred against Australia at Bangalore.

The same day Indian women ran one of the most inspired 4x400 race ever

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

India Ahead

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Instead of inflicting a beat down, India have just about nosed ahead. West Indies batting turned out to be worse than originally anticipated. Is this a result of not playing together enough or is this a result of constant turmoil? Either ways, the West Indies are pathetic.

India handed debuts to Kohli, Praveen Kumar and Mukund. Praveen Kumar with his canny variations and control came good and how. Ishant Sharma seems to have regained his test match form and is once again asking questions of batsmen. This is great news for India as it heads to England after this series. Praveen Kumar's burst gives India an option that it had not bargained for. In English conditions, Praveen could be a handful.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Tests Begin

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A depleted India and a struggling West Indies team gather to play India's first test match World Champions. The one day series showcased India's depth in ODIs. India didn't sweep the West Indies, but did enough to demonstrate that they were the reigning experts of the ODI art form.

The tests are an altogether different ball game as the cliche goes. India have a tough game on their hands at Sabina Park. Right off the bat, I would give West Indies the advantage in this test match. Test matches always offer an advantage to the home side. India will miss Zaheer Khan and Sreesanth in test matches. Both have the ability to gain surprise breakthroughs and make the batsmen think. Munaf and Ishant can be good, but they are not going to consistently put pressure on batsmen. Praveen Kumar could surprise us due to his street-smart bowling, but his lack of pace means that decent batsmen can play him out. The only thing that could work for Praveen and perhaps other Indian pacers is the assistance from the Sabina Park wicket.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1 Angry Board

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In 12 Angry men, Henry Fonda's character dissents on the sole basis that before the accused is sentenced to die, the least he deserves is a discussion amongst the jury of his peers. Eventually the lone  'not guilty' verdict, after an angry evening of arguments is responsible for a 11 others to overcome individual prejudices; in some cases; and change their own 'guilty' verdicts.

A Decision Stalled
India is the Henry Fonda of the cricket world where the system on trial is the DRS and India has taken a 'guilty' stance, just for the heck of it.

While in "12 Angry men", the dissenting character backed his vote by reasoned discussion of the events, India's dissent is backed by pathetic, off the cuff,  explanations like "human adulteration" in technology is unnecessary, technology should be fool proof before its adopted and some irrelevant observations like the Hot Spot being more reliable than the Snico-meter.

Friday, June 10, 2011

West Indian cricket is inconsequential

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Sachin Tendulkar will be skipping India's Test tour of the West Indies and spend time with his family instead.

Of course this news is not new but it still rankles.

A few years back, this event would have been inconceivable. Today it generates a muted response. A few raised eyebrows and then a quite resignation to the times we live in. It is now acceptable for one of the greatest players of all time to play for a private franchise and rest when his country will be trying to win a Test Series at the home of a side that was once the most feared and respected side of all time.

Its a reflection on many things. The decline of the West Indies; first and foremost.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ICC's New Rule

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In not-so-subtle moves the ICC is pursuing changes that are validating Ijaz Butt's claims that there are elements in the ICC conspiring the defraud Pakistan and its cricket.

First came the news that the ICC is going to stop the rotation policy that yields ICC presidents and then the news that ICC is seeking to curb government interference in the functioning of cricket boards.

If the ICC were trying to be subtle with these announcements (the next ICC President is due to be appointed from Pakistan / Bangladesh) and not mention Pakistan by name, wait till you hear the new announcement from the ICC.