Saturday, February 5, 2011

Portraits: Imran Khan

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At a time when the West Indies and their battery of fast bowlers were at their fiercest and conquered all; Imran Khan led Pakistan in 2 series against the West Indies; home and away.

They could not beat him...

People talk about the greatness of Jacques Kallis. He perhaps may be the the greatest all rounder ever. 

But he is no Imran Khan


Govind Raj said...

Gavaskar once was quoted:

Even Gods love the scene of Imran Khan running into bowl !

Freehit said...

I have never seen this man bowl, but your description makes me absolutely interested in watching him.

Wish I could revert back time, would have loved to watch him, Sir Gary Sobers and Sir Don Bradman among others.

Govind Raj said...

It was during very poor quality of television in India that 'The Imran Khan' Played.

He was a Megalomaniac, Dictator, Arrogant and extremely handsome Captain.

It wasn't his bowling. It was neither his caning of Garner. It was his ability to keep the warring cousins Zaheer Abbas and Javed Miyandad under control that made him great.

And it was he who hand-picked Wasim and Waqar and we know what they went on to be.

He was the epitome of Pakistan Cricket !

Ganesh said...

The one portrait you managed to get it perfectly.:d
And yes,Kallis is no match to Imran Khan.

price per head software said...

that is a very cool drawing of Imran Khan, and here is why my following question, did you actually draw it?? if you did, you are so talented!