Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Second Wind

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Both are struggling for form. Even while out of sorts, both are digging deep to somehow deliver enough to win key moments.

Both seem to be playing from memory.

Both of them will roughly command the same position amongst all time greats, in their respective trades, when they retire. Numbers wise. But Harbhajan's personality does not afford him to be counted in the same breath as Rahul Dravid.

Rahul Dravid is a suave young man. Harbhajan's charm is the lack of it. He is an acquired taste.

Rahul Dravid seems studious, calculated and self aware. Harhbajan Singh seems to be the kind who thrives on street fights.Needs help to make him aware.

Rahul Dravid running down the pitch, fists clenched, wearing the India blue cap after winning Adelaide is an image permanently etched in mind. For him it takes updates to history to scream in jubilation. I imagine Harbhajan lets out similar emotions each time he sees his lunch box has Aloo parathas packed by his mum.

If Rahul Dravid weren't good at cricket, he probably would have been vying for Ban Ki-Moon's job over at the UN. If Harbhajan weren't good at cricket, somehow a truck driven by Harbhajan Singh on US Highways isn't very hard to imagine

Rahul Dravid is been a cornerstone of India's wins abroad. Harbhajan has played his part, in making sure India is a fortress for touring teams.

Rahul Dravid, like Jacque Kallis will never be celebrated as he should be. Harbhajan Singh deserves to get the kind of criticism he gets; for very often its due to the choices he makes and the battles he wishes to fight.

Rahul Dravid's appeal is global. Harbhajan's is entirely local.

Coming back to the matters at hand. A series to win in South Africa...

Both find themselves in desperate need of a second wind. For the sake of their team.

Expectations of India winning the series is built on matters of heart and the romance of seeing the famed middle order finally seduce the hostile pitches of South Africa.

But if India are to spring a surprise, and update history Harbhajan Singh needs to take wickets and Rahul Dravid needs to attack at number 3 and score centuries.

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Ganesh said...

I think Harbhajan may play a surprise role, provided our batsmen pile up huge runs. South Africans have struggled against spinners,even at home.(Eg:Mushtaq Ahmed in 1997-98,Shane Warne and Muralitharan too.)
Of course,some might not agree with me and his awful Away record makes one wonder,whether that is possible.:D

knowledge_eater said...

Harbhajan has played only one match against SA in SA. All others are at home, where he averages very well, when India went on to win against SA or drew against SA. And whenever he bowled crap India has lost against SA at home. Bhajji likes bouncy wickets and been called Mohali's king, since it's bouncy track over there. I am not sure about bounce help, but if he is fresh, fit, pumped and keep bowling at good length SA should be worried. And seeing Zak's fitness, Bhajji must take load of taking wicket and stop worrying about run flowing and take some wickets, I don't want one or two, I want fifer.

Dravid has nothing to prove as a batsman and his ability, so even if he fails, I am not going to be extremely angry but if he plans to play for India for next 2-3 years, then he must get his sexy back.

Very well written, with humor and nice comparisons. Used words very well. Good one.

Vidooshak said...

I'm not sure about Kallis and Dravid not being "celebrated". Whatever that exactly means! Both have won awards. in fact, Dravid and Kallis are both in their countries respective all time 11s. Except that part, nicely done.

Freehit said...

@Vidooshak-If you go on streets of India and ask people, hardly anyone will say Dravid is their favourite. Similar with Kallis. So in spite of being very successful, both haven't been that popular as compared to some of the younger lots who play big shots. That is why they aren't as 'celebrated' as they deserve to be.

By the way,what is the secret behind your names(Vidooshak n Golandaaz)??

Golandaaz said...

Thanks Ganesh. Yes, you are right I think Harbhajan getting wickets will be key and share your doubts. Its more a hope

Golandaaz said...

knowledge_eater, thanks for the compliments!

Yes, of course Dravid has nothing to prove to anyone as a batsman. But we need him to help us win to help India prove that it can sustain the #1 ranking

Golandaaz said...

vidoo, freehit is exactly right...

Let me try to explain this way. If porn were to be banned for all Indians, youtube videos of Sachin's batting would be good substitutes for most. The same can't be said of Rahul. I doubt he has any youtube videos of his batting

Golandaaz said...

Freehit, if you get language there is no secret to the names

Vidooshak said...

Gol - That's why I was cautious in my criticism. It depends on what celebrated means. You really meant popular.

Golandaaz said...

yes, of course. my mishtake