Monday, December 27, 2010

Ashes 4.2: The New India v Australlia

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  1. When this edition of the Ashes is history and you look at the score cards years from now, you would wonder. What if Hussey had not played some of the innings he has played this Australian Summer. How would the scorecards have looked? 98 All Out would probably be the vicinity of Australian scores. This really has been a Hussey v the English series and he gave them a damn good fight.
  2. England are 10 wickets away from condemning Australia to a long period of introspection on how they are going to win back the Ashes. However if recent reports are to serve as indicators the outcome is bound to be something as dim witted the need to step up "sledging". 
  3. So committed are Australia to sledging that when nothing else seemed to work, their top dog Ricky Ponting decided to sledge the umpires. The flawed process around the UDRS has already rendered the on field umpire as a puppet, and easy pickings for a team frustrated by mediocrity, stubborn leadership and conflicted selection processes. 
  4. I admit, I haven't seen much of Trott's batting. From whatever little I have seen, I know this much...I would like to see as little of Trott's batting as possible. What makes his batting boring is that it seems he would rather be someplace else than batting in the middle. When the man himself seems so disinterested there isn't much hope for the spectators. 
  5. I was hoping that this series and the one between India and South Africa, finally settle some answers on where the team stands. In stead I am now longing for a series between England and South Africa. The only 2 teams that can back themselves to win on seaming, bouncy juiced up tracks. India and Australia are clearly past their prime. In India's case one can say it was a case of a "false prime"


Vidooshak said...

Eat your words Gol. India have come roaring back in the second test.

Golandaaz said...

i will gladly....when they do it the second time and the batters don't give it away. SRT and VVS hod the key