Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ashes 2.3: Ponting - I want to be able to Declare

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  1. Australia are on a roll. Australia matched their vastly improved performance; of taking 2 whole English wickets on Day 2; with a similar haul on Day 3. Considering that play was possible for only two-thirds of the day I am thrilled with my mates said Ponting. We have England where we wanted.
  2. Asked about the dropped catches, missed run outs and numerous mis-fields; Ponting was quick to say...Well the catches only mean that my bowlers are consistently creating opportunities which can't be a bad thing. As for the other fielding issues, Ponting was of the opinion that its the media...Channel 9 in particular who are running replays of the same couple of instances. Its not like we are going so see these replays and stop our march to force a win.
  3. Talking about the future of the game, Ponting said that he is leading a campaign to allow bowling sides to declare their bowling innings closed. Currently the game is heavily tilted in the batsman's favor he said. Based on Official Wiki leaks phone records of a few Australian cricket team members, an unusually large volume of calls to Bangladesh and Zimbabwe, might give some clue as to how widespread the support is for this idea. Ponting denied any attempt to keep the campaign secret. 
  4. Mean while in the real world...England simply must win this Test match. To put in 2 extraordinary performances with the bat in consecutive Test Matches and not have a win to show for it...might just be the jailbreak Australia needs
  5. England's recent performances have been consistent and they were able to; to some extent; carry Pietersen. England with Pitersen in form starts to look like a team that can really control, dictate and win test matches on batting alone. His commitment to the pull shot makes for exciting Test Cricket
  6. Just how bad is the Australian attack...It is perhaps for the first time ever that 2 different batsmen have scored 200s in consecutive test matches against Australia in the Ashes. It shows that its not a question of 1 batsman dominating Australia, everyone seems to be enjoying their bowling. (After confirmation over @ Test Match Sofa, this is the 2nd time 2 different English batsmen have scored separate double hundreds against Australia in consecutive tests. VVS Laxman and Gambhir did it in Delhi in 2008 in the same innings!)


Mahek said...

I don't know if it's the first time but I do remember two batsmen scoring double hundreds against the Aussies in the same innings - Gambhir and Laxman at the Kotla.

Golandaaz said...

you are right....a correction is in order

Vidooshak said...


It seems like you are in despair here with these posts. I'm watching some sessions of this test match and England seems remarkably similar to India in their approach to batting against Australia. I suppose it's good to learn from the number one team.

Vidooshak said...

Swann barely giving flight to the ball. He's bowling faster than Harbhajan, I think. I can't see England having a decent strategy to get wickets.

Vidooshak said...

And a minute later he gets Katich. Ponting is looking clueless right now.

Golandaaz said...

why was katich playing anyways?