Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ashes 3.1: Change for the Worse

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  1. In my mind, Australia are just not trying enough permutations and combinations. Sure, all the changes they have brought on so far have made them look progressively worse. But...reversing the batting order was the most logical thing to be tried at Perth. They didn't. The result is the same as in the previous Test. How can they keep doing the same thing and expect a different result? Next time, reverse it, Mr Ponting. Its amazing how many ways there are to experience the mediocrity that has plagued your team.
  2. All 3 batting greats of this generation, now have experienced what it is to play on weak teams. Lara, obviously spent his entire career doing that. Sachin most of his and now Ponting. Only difference is, in a score of 268 Sachin and Lara would have accounted for a 100. For Ponting, falling 88 short of a 100 is probably the reason behind the low scores. Whereas India and the West Indies managed these scores in spite of non-failures from their great batsmen.
  3. The WACA pitch off late has lost its character. Its more likely to sleep with the enemy than be loyal to the Aussies. There is no one in the Australian side that seems to excite her. I don't blame her at all...many of cast that make up the Australian team are better suited to act in soap operas on Indian television. A few more sessions of whipping by the English team and these guys will learn to shed tears as well.
  4. Last time Australia scored less than 300 in the first innings at Perth. They ended up winning that match by 206 runs. Flintoff was leading the opposition. Nothing of that sort is going to happen this time though. 
  5. Ponting's brief all-boundries knock reminded me of Vinod Kambli's 40 against the West Indies in 1994. Just like Kambli that day, Ponting looked like getting out any time. Didn't seem to have the stomach to grind his way to runs. The prolonged dip in form is making Ponting impatient and now he looks like he is settling for short cuts.
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Unknown said...

Ponting would do well to buy a DVD of Sachin's 241* at Sydney in 2004. It was a classic case of a patient knock to get out of a slump, where he cut out some of his favourite shots.

The form was so good that Sachin ended up making another 194* in his next Test match against Pakistan at Multan.

The problem for Ponting is that he cannot wait till Sydney for such a knock. He may not even be the captain till then.

Golandaaz said...

It would be a tremendous admission of 'we-didn't-really-know-what-we-were-doing' from the selectors, were they to drop Ponting as captain mid-way.

Has that happened before? I know England changed captains in 1981 mid-way and won.

I have a feeling Ponting really does not know how to bat for a weak team. He needs to learn that from SRT and BCL.

Starting with Sachin's 241* will halp