Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ashes 3.3: England Unlearn Batting

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  1. We've got a problem. Its wasn't just one good day for Australia. Its two in a row now. England batsmen are back to being shit. Not a very dependable lot, I tell you.
  2. Tremlett came in the side for Broad who really isn't much of a bowler. Being hit for 6 sixes off an over ought to end a career. Chetan Sharma's effectively did with one. But in sum England have a better bowling side than in Adelaide. Tremlett took 8 remember. 7 more than Broad could manage in 2 Tests. The pitch too was juicer. Yet they find themselves losing to a side who pick a new spinner every time a new ball is due. What does this say about their batting. They royally screwed up.
  3. Ian Bell seems to have gotten a promotion. He now has a personal Nightwatchman. 
  4. Hussey has now nudged ahead of Cook for the series aggregate. They don't show it, but I think Hussey averages 80 odd if you just consider the runs scored using the pull alone. Without the UDRS he averages about a dozen or so. 
  5. Touring captain scores a "statement" century in a tour opening draw at the Gabba. Tourists win at Adelaide Allow Australia to get back in the third Test...Its been done before. In time we will know, had the 2003 India in Australia series had a 5th Test, who would have won it.
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Vidooshak said...

Australia were one bowler away and they seem to have found that in Johnson. It still doesn't fix the Ponting, Clarke and openers problem. And the Ashes is now a really a contest.