Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dealing with India's imminent World cup exit

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Let's face it. We all know India ain't going to make it.

Win the world cup; that is.

We may be in denial but laborious wins against the minnows and Bangladesh and non-wins against South Africa and England; do tell a story. Team India has insulated themselves from the real world and also abandoned common sense in the process.

I mean we all know that the team balance is questionable. We all know that Dhoni's justification for his decisions is more like him mocking at us.

Even Gaddafi comes across as a rational man compared to Dhoni.

We all can see it but don't want to admit it. Dhoni is losing his Midas touch and his honeymoon seems over. All good things come to an end. Its inevitable

Its okay. It happens. Clutching at straws is only natural. At some point however we need to let go and let the IPL heal the emotional wounds.

But its not easy. So to help you deal with the emotional emptiness that is just round the corner following India imminent exit from the World Cup psychiatrists @ Opinions have devised a few tips to help you move on.

Failure to cope effectively with your favorite team's failure can have big impact on your life. Procrastination, lack of self discipline, depression, anxiety are all common symptoms.

But fear not; here are 4 tips...

  1. Remember that India is the number one Test team in the World. In times of distress always focus on your strengths and avoid analyzing your failures
  2. Tell yourself that LOI cricket is not real cricket. Speak out about the irrelevance of the format. When you don't get what you want its best to reassess and devalue that what you had wanted
  3. Go online and watch videos of India's 1983 win, India's recent Test wins, promotional ads for the IPL Franchises and a little bit of porn - no, watching videos of Sachin's 101 international centuries is not porn. When dealing with failure and disappointment, relive your happy memories. Sometimes looking back can make your future seem bright even though it might not actually be.
  4. Start a blog. Vent it out. Share your frustrations with other people who are going through the same mental strain as you are. Blame the umpires, Dhoni, dew, bookies, BCCI, selectors, DRS, Sachin, earthquakes, global warming, terrorism; anything but share your frustrations with others

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Thanks for visiting the blog. Hope you keep coming back for all the things we get wrong over here. A little humor might help :-)