Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yes We Can't

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It is quite heartening to finally see an Australian team that can back themselves to lose from any position. Having grown sick of being used to see them winning so often for so long from all sorts of tangles they would occasionally get themselves into; it feels quite nice to see them so lost. Its like they look at the score card, digest how close they are to winning it and then say to themselves..."Yes we can't"

I read a report in the Sydney Morning Herald that Marcus North is a shock contender as a captain instead of Michael Clarke. Now, he could get the job and turn out to be another Alan Border; but at this time, I am pretty certain that on skill alone Marcus North would not even find a place in many of the Ranji sides in India.

I have gotten most Ashes predictions right because I blindly say "Australia" when I ask the question to myself. Well, I have been wrong the last two times they lost in England but its still a pretty formidable strike rate on getting the Ashes winner right. This time I am not sure. My head tells me Australia should win but my heart tells me yes they can't.


straight point said...

whatever happened to that world class 'system'...?

this is what happens when you sit on laurels of stars and do an ostrich... :)

Golandaaz said...

I must say that I am surprised Australia are in this situation because for all these years we were made to believe that the unusually high level of domestic cricket will keep churning out replacements.

But if the Aussies win the Ashes, it could trigger off a genuine run to the top again in the next year or so