Wednesday, November 10, 2010

6 Reasons England will lose the Ashes

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  1. Australia are sick of losing
  2. England will start resting key players starting with the 2nd Test to keep them fresh for the next Ashes series at home. After 3 Tour games and the first Test at the Gabba, Andrew Strauss is likely to contend that the team is exhausted and he'd like to keep the boys fresh for the upcoming Ashes in 2012
  3. Where's the motivation for England? England get to keep the urn regardless of the result. 
  4. Leading up to the first Test, England have played teams that are worse than themselves. Australia have played teams better than themselves. England look better than they are, Australia look worse than they actually are.
  5. Australia will blunt Swann's knack of taking wickets early in his spell by counting his overs from backwards on the scoreboard. 
  6. Australia can be themselves on the field; without worrying about the BCCI threatening to call off the tour


straight point said...

7. swan does not wear a turban...

8. there is no one in england who can masquerade vvs...

Vidooshak said...

9. Kevin Pieterson is reserving his form for the world cup.
10. Paul Collingwood has already scored all the runs he can in his lifetime.

Golandaaz said...

I think Pietersen is reserving his form for when he becomes captain again

Vidooshak said...

In that case, Pietersen could almost be an Indian. He's scoring just enough runs that he not be dropped. Similar to many Indian stalwarts from the eighties.