Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nagpur Test: Random Thoughts I

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  1. So now McCullum not only wants to not keep and bat but also not keep, not field, not run and bat. And yet Harbhajan can't out him.
  2. I am not buying this collapse. India can lose from here as well. Like we did against the same team a couple of decades ago. 
  3. Unless of course we restrict New Zealand to below 200. In which case we are still in with a chance to lose.
  4. But let's celebrate for now, the first real day of India's dominance in the series. It came on Day 11. I was planning on the entire series not lasting that long


Vidooshak said...

This victory will mean nothing. With the injuries, NZ is a weaker team than Bangladesh.

Golandaaz said...

Injuries is part of the game. No one says England's 2005 ashes win does not count because it came off the back of a McGrath injury. So I don't agree with you sir..