Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hard to predict

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Yogi Berra once said that it was hard to predict anything. Especially the future!! It seems that way in cricket today, doesn't it?

Pakistan on a revival or is this a flash in the pan? Zulqarnain Haider has shown enough pluck in his few appearances to show significant class. This would put Kamral Akmal out of business. Umar Akmal seems to have vanished into thin air. Knowing Pakistani cricket, will he make a comeback into the regular XI. Yes, he's blown a few chances, but he's also been somewhat overworked. In a way, I'm glad that Pakistan is playing old fashioned cricket, rather than the SA, Australia championed "method-cricket". India seem to have blended both in a good way due to the talent at it's disposal and are enjoying the fruits.

West Indies are on life-support and are likely to be that way, unless someone (BCCI - the ICC is a surrogate of the BCCI) decides that it's important to expand the pie and not just claim a bigger share of the pie.

SL have won their first ODI series in Australia and it looks like a sweep is in the offing, unless Australia develops some serious flair. But it's team mostly of average performers and without Ponting or Hussey performing some miracles, they look unlikely to overcome their current funk. SL are serious contenders for the World Cup and based on Pakistan's recent performances, they must be considered contenders too.

Ryder came to the party, but didn't convert it to a big one. India's bowling is earnest and that's what's needed out of average bowlers on sub-continental tracks. Harbhajan needs a big game soon. Or he might very well be the reason, India don't win the world cup. He's playing on reputation alone at this time and his batting is not the reason he's in the team. He is tight, but not really getting big wickets.

So Pakistan and New Zealand seem to be finding their bearings (despite the Bangladesh 4-0, I don't believe NZ are a bad team). Australia and West Indies are continuing their downward spiral. Australia due to a talent vacuum and West Indies due to sheer comedy. England, India, SL and SA seem to have settled sides, but SA seems to be reinforcing it's reputation as chokers. England are the team to watch.

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Golandaaz said...

New Zealand always raise their game when the context is meaningful. And consistently so. The way they have batted so far, even Australia could not. Its still 2 days to go though and while Australia found ways to get into winning positions, its hard to imagine NZ getting there.

Likewise Pakistan can never be counted as "down". Come the WC, Pakistan and NZ will be as ready as anyone.