Saturday, September 3, 2011

Naseer calls Indian team bus "An Ambulance"

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The latest comments by Naseer Hussain, while commentating on the abandoned first ODI has created a stir that is likely to put India's tour at risk. BCCI has threatened to call off the tour and some reports even indicate that a private Jet is on standby to take the Indian cricket team home. For those concerned about the health and safety of Indian patients....err....cricketers, the Jet is staffed with the world's best Sports doctors and hospital facilities.

After alleging earlier in the week that India had "3-4 very good fielders"; a comment that has no basis in facts; questions were raised as to whether Naseer Hussain was on the BCCI pay roll along with Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri. 

Any such suspicion was laid to rest by what happened today

Even before the dust had settled over the controversy over his "3-4 very good fielders" comments, Naseer Hussain has created another one by referring to the Indian Team Bus, as "An Ambulance". 

His comments came as Sky TV was covering the toss for the 1st ODI and announcing the unavailability of Sachin Tendulkar due to injury. "As I walked into the media centre, I saw India's Team bus and it definitely resembled an ambulance"

BCCI was quick to issue a press release, demanding an apology. Indians across the board have termed Hussain's comments as "highly offensive and insulting" With hours the controversy seemed to just erupt like a volcano with television channels adding fuel to the fire.

Harsha Bholgle, the cross cultural expert via his tweets has urged that Indians to see better sense. 

"In the West an ambulance is a highly effective and responsive vehicle; unlike in India (contd)"

"Where pizza delivery vans and marriage processions have a higher social standing (contd)"

"I am standing up for Naseer here. He was complimenting India here"

When asked if Naseer's comments would have anything to do with the number of injuries the Indian side had endured on this tour, a BCCI spokes person said...."We have not heard anything from any doctors that the team needs an ambulance. As far as we are concerned, the Indian team bus is a bus and not an ambulance. If a medical doctor or Dhoni, asks for an ambulance, we will consider the matter in the next meeting"


Anonymous said...

nice one grod-san. i like.

Wiki said...

Nasser Hussain is Hit by his Wife with Stick on head from that time he got some kind of crack and he is talking rubbish on Indian Team. Indian Team came out of Ambulance and send Nasser Hussain to that ambulance and send him to mental hospital in Chester-le-Street. TV's are not allowed for crack persons in Hospital.

Anonymous said...

Both Nasser and Golandaaz need ambulence to go to mental hospital instead of being over sympathetic for the Indian players.

Gaurav said...

There's already jokes on Facebook that on return from England, the BCCI should take the Indian team around town in an open top ambulance.

Vidooshak said...

This is an extra-ordinary amount of good luck for the Indian team. Imagine if Tendulkar, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Harbhajan and Gambhir were to be injured before ODIs against Bangladesh or Zimbabwe. How would they ever average over 50? Dhoni deserves credit for at least staying on. On a serious note, why not Yusuf Pathan, why Ravindra Jadeja?