Thursday, November 4, 2010

Almost Predictable

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No matter how many runs Sehwag scores; when he gets out; you always wonder what might have been. Score-wise today he probably exceeded my expectations, and yet I got a feeling he was only half done.

India are winning and hence can afford to stick to whatever strategy they choose, whether it is contributing to the wins or not but if Gambhir does not get out of this rut in this series, calls for M Vijay to take his place will grow louder.

Dravid's century, for the most part, resembled one of Sachin's when he was struggling for form and runs circa 2006. It only helped to reinforce how out of form Dravid really is. But getting a 100 on the first day even when you are out of form, is what marks his greatness and determination.

All in all, I am tempted to say it was a predictable day once India won the toss, but I got a feeling New Zealand has a lot more stomach for a fight in these conditions than what seemed evident on paper. India did not exactly blow them away, despite a Sehwag special. That does not happen often.

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