Saturday, November 6, 2010

Gracious Hosts

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Pakistan is no place to send batsmen to make their debuts. Only one; a certain Len Baichan; has been accorded a cordial welcome by allowing him to score a century on debut.

Across the border, India on the other hand, have been the most gracious of hosts. No less than six; about to be seven tomorrow; have been invited to score centuries on debut.

If it is any consolation, South Africa are just as gracious. Here is the hospitality index since the beginning of time. India is obviously at the top, but have made sure the gesture is reciprocated in kind.

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Vidooshak said...

That's interesting. Wonder if it would throw out a different picture if we took into account how many actually made their debuts in the Eden for mothers-in-law? It was a tough place to tour with dodgy umpiring, reverse swing, security etc. Plus, in recent times, there have been fewer tours. But India has always been hospitable. However, some really good batsmen have done it Greenidge, Clarke to name two. Plus, India never had threatening bowlers.