Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hyderabad Test: Random Thoughts II

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  1. The resetting of our expectations of New Zealand  is complete. India is actually happy that they "restricted" New Zealand to 350. New Zealand have been competitive from Day 1 of this tour. Without pointing a finger on anything specific, I get the feeling that India did not do enough to prepare for this series. In all honesty there is no reason why this should be such a competitive series. Its like New Zealand hit the ground running while India were looking ahead to the South African series and making travels plans well in advance. All the talk of skipping ODIs to reach South Africa early, was just too English. Lets just leave the Englishness to the English please. For us Indians, its best to be polite and focus on the series at hand. 
  2. Okay, so Harbhajan Singh can take wickets. My apologies...
  3. Sehwag is getting predictable. In his case though it still does not equate to boring but at least can he invent some other ways to get out? Just throwing some options, out there....Handle the ball, hit wicket, hitting the ball twice.... he seems to have enough time to do the last
  4. There should be a full house tomorrow at the stadium in anticipation of the 50th. I am praying the paying public don't get to see New Zealand bat at any point during the day. 

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