Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ashes 1.1: My 2 Cents

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  1. England have begun preparations for the 2013 Ashes in all earnest. Andrew Strauss and Andy Flower have released a schedule of how key players will be rested on tours and given time off during home summers. Clearly England have more of a knack for the build up to the Ashes than playing it. So now that the crucial, energy sapping build up is over, WAGs will join their HABs starting the end of the 2nd days play.
  2. Aleem Dar is as good as the latest technology. Its is a sorry sight to see England challenge an Ashes Hat Trick. Why can't they let the umpires decide if they need to use technology? What's with this challenge system? Is this ICC's way to make players think that they are "empowered"?
The Hat Trick Aussie Style
The Way the English Saw it

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