Monday, November 8, 2010

Crossing The Line

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This is the end of Harbhajan, the bowler. Chetan Sharma once scored a 100 and as far as I remember it was the end of him as a bowler. Warne got close many times but never actually crossed the line. Murali was never close. Kumble scored one and immediately made plans for retirement. When Shastri realized he could flick his way to a 100 and become an all-rounder, his full potential as a bowler was never uncorked. When Maninder Singh scored a 100 in domestic cricket, I read about him trying to end his life a few years later. It screws up your mental being.

If you are not in the side officially as an allrounder, then as a batsman you have no business taking a 5 for, or scoring a 100 if you are a bowler. You begin to feel you deserve a place in the side for the wrong skills.

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