Saturday, February 19, 2011

India Match Report #1: Bangladesh (ICC Concerned as India fail to score 500)

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So the World Cup has begun well for India. The only other time India beat a permanent ICC Member in a World Cup opener was in 1983. And we know how that ended.

We at Opinions On Cricket are pleased to announce that we have netted a big celebrity blogger. To report on the opening match of the 2011 ICC World Cup

India v Bangladesh - Match Report Posted by Harbhajan Singh - All rounder Indian team (1998 - Current Player)

Today at Shere Bangla National Stadium; yeah you guessed it; in Bangladesh. Actually in the city of Mirpur; India exacted revenge on Bangladesh for a loss at the hands of the Tigers exactly 4 years back in the West Indies. Led by a stupendous knock of 28 by little master, Sachin Tendulkar, in a mere 29 balls at a strike rate of well over 96.51, Sachin laid the perfect platform for the Indian batsman to put up a score of 4 wickets down for 370 runs. Virendra Sehwag and Virat Kohli scored in excess of 50 runs each.

Munaf Patel, took a couple of wickets in excess of a couple of wickets.

Sachin's previous innings was a score of 200 out out against South Africa. This innings of 28 is the highest score posted by any batsman to follow up a score of 200. No one else has ever scored 200 in a ODI game.

It should be further noted that Sachin's 200 is 25 runs more than the 175 Kapil Dev scored in a World Cup game. I was too little to see that innings, I hope one day I witness someone score that many runs in a World Cup game.

Harbhajan Singh 

We at Opinions hope that Harbhajan Singh continues to email us match reports and provide an inside view of the happenings. A players perspective on things is always useful.

The second report is posted by our very own Chanakya...

We have learnt through reliable sources that the ICC has set up an emergency meeting in Mirpur to confront the ICC's Technical Committee's failure to meet its goal set 4 years back . In 2007, the Committee was asked to make changes in the ODI rules to ensure that teams routinely score runs in excess of 500 in 50 over by the time the 2011 World Cup arrives.

Given that India have scored just  370 in spite of batting power-plays, strict calling of wides on the leg side, limiting the number of bouncers per over, free hits on no balls; the ICC feel the changes are not enough. More needs to be done said the ICC Media Manager; on condition of anonymity.

We are not sure why a Media Manager would be reluctant to talk to the media.And how exactly the "condition of anonymity" is met once we reveal its the ICC's Media Manager being quoted, is an even deeper mystery to us. We were simply asked not to reveal the name.

A few of the options that will be proposed, discussed and approved are

  • A bowler will not be allowed to bowl more than one dot ball in an over. A second dot ball will result in a series of free hits awarded to a batsman till a batsman is able to hoist one of the free hit balls for a six. If, even after 6 free hits, no sixes result, the batting team will be awarded 7 runs as penalty for the bowling team. Runs scored; till the point a 6 is hit or the penalty imposed; will all count against the batsman's individual score. 
  • Introduction of a limit on yorkers. A team total of 3 yorkers per innings will be allowed. A 4th yorker will result in an automatic suspension from bowling of the offending bowler. His quota of 10 over will them be completed by Ajit Agarkar. 
  • A further limit on bouncers is also introduced. The limit on bouncers will follow the same pattern as the limit on yorkers, except that the limit is for the lifetime of a bowler. A bowler who bowls a 4th bouncer in his career will be banned

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Govind Raj said...

Harbhajan Singh's report was fantastic. Absolute ROTFL.

Chanakya wasn't up to the mark !

Golandaaz said...

Thanks GR, perhaps Chanakya too was distracted by how funny Harbie's report was...

straight point said...

o c'mon... i can't believe there is not even a mention of sachin sacrificing his wicket just to keep sehwag's promise of batting for full 50 overs... tho even after sachin's magnanimous gesture sehwag failed to achieve his motive... whatawaste...

Golandaaz said...

That is indeed a very keen observation. My profusest apologies for missing an act of selflessness from the little master...