Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eng v Aus 547th ODI: Tram Drivers v Bus Conductors

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In joint statement the ECB and CA said....

"The mercifully last and positively final game of England's temporary migration to Australia will be a game between Australian Bus drivers and England Tram Drivers. "

They clarified that their lawyers have prevented them from using the word "tour". Which is a completely misleading; if not an entirely wrong word to describe England's visit to Australia

"Tram Drivers from Wales are also eligible" - They added later in response to a question raised by the selectors, who have been asked to name the respective sides in less than 24 hours. Australian selectors were told they there was simply no time to "trim" the side later so that had to name a 15 man squad and not a man more.

There just aren't enough men with a working set of hands, legs and a non numb brain from the original squads. So depleted are England, that had Monty Panesar been in the squad, he would have batted at #4 and fielded at point.

On the Australian side, Australia's first choice Test and ODI captain is out with an injured pinkey. Their up-until-last-month first choice T20 captain, current back up captain for Tests and ODIs and as-of-today future Test and ODI captain (as long as the first choice captain is not in the side) is resting.....phew...

Only in Austrlia can some one as out of touch as Michael Clarke can ask for and get rest.

So they will be led by their official but really second-choice T20 captain; Cameron White.

The series is starting to resemble the chariot race from Ben-Hur.

A full 26 years after an India - Pakistan World Championship final was inventively and humorously taunted by a group of local Melbourne fans as a clash between Bus Drivers and Tram Conductors, life has come a full circle in Australia.


Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

I know what you mean. I am bored with this tour - probably down to England now continually losing - so I can only imagine how racked off the players are with it by now.

It is probably recking England's world cup chances as well. I know it's the same lenght of time for Aus, but at least their players are getting some time at home.

Govind Raj said...

A wow post. Beautiful !

I think, the last para was formed first in your mind. All else came after :-)

Pay back time ?

Golandaaz said...

GR, very true :-)

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Raj, I can't imagine anyone in Aus making a remark like that! Lol