Thursday, February 24, 2011

World Cup win for Golandaaz

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Yep, that's right. I'm joining the bandwagon. Like Sehwag, Kapugedara, Harbhajan and others I too want a win for Golandaaz. He has provided immense service to the world making pictures, writing blogs and generally being a nice chap.

Kapugedara is the latest who wants to win the cup for a team-mate - Muralitharan. Now Sehwag immediately pounced on that and told Kapu to back off because Murali already had one from 1996. Why can't he lose one for Tendulkar? Harbhajan went a step further and started throwing javelins as practice for bowling. He said that Kapu could be satisfied if India won, so long as he confused Murali and Harbhajan. Rumor has it that Bedi has been contracted by BCCI to be the M-O-M adjudicator for all games involving Sri Lanka.

Kapil has been jumping in saying that one should not win cups for others. He was trying to remind everyone that his team was Kapil's Devils and not India's Kapils or some other version of that. So he felt that the if India won the cup, it was already his.

Ponting used his groin guard to destroy a TV and then came out and "accepted responsibility". As opposed to what? My groin did it? Or .......never mind. The Aussie team has several cups and so no one wants to win it for anyone. Simon Katich and Nathan Hauritz wanted to win one, so they were left out of the team. In fact, rumor has it that Warne recommended Greg Chappell as the coach for Australia in order to ensure that they didn't win this time. But others didn't think it went far enough. So they decided to let Chappell choose the team.

South Africa is the only team that is in the tournament without a dedication to someone in their team. In fact, it is rumored that Kallis wanted the cup dedicated to him. Others in the team led by Smith rebelled at this suggestion. They were offended that Kallis had forgotten that Smith's goal was to choke in the finals this time, instead of semi-finals. In his opinion, people came to watch SA choke and not win.

Good news is that I have decided that all teams are going to win it for Golandaaz. So there will be no fights. As long as someone wins, it's for Golandaaz. Gol just needs to be present near the podium to claim the cup. Which begs the question, why can't Tendulkar simply walk up to whoever wins the cup and just take it? Who's going to challenge him? If wants one, he should just take it and keep it.


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LOL! I have a better suggestion still... That World Cup is kept on a display table during a lot of matches. Why not just pick it up and run away? ICC will be so embarrassed by the lack of 'security' that they will fire their security agencies and claim that the World Cup was never lost by bringing out a duplicate one! All happy!

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