Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Opinions on... Daniel Vettori

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On hearing about Daniel Vettori's desire to be just another player again, Jesse Ryder is said to have asked...

Does this mean you will no longer cook for us for us?

Short of fielding at silly point off his own bowling, Daniel Vettori played all possible roles for New Zealand Cricket.

New Zealand's unemployment rate has doubled during his captaincy tenure.

Its hard to believe. But between the amount of roles Daniel Vettori played and New Zealand's population; where even small numbers translate to huge percentages; it isn't that hard to comprehend.

Daniel Vettori started off as a clean-shaving, good looking cricketer. Over the past few years he seemed to have adopted an unkempt style with facial hair somewhere between a stubble and a proper beard.

Try juggling so many roles and you might appreciate that it isn't a deliberate fashion statement

Daniel Vettori's efforts rarely make New Zealand look good. Whenever he scores runs or takes wickets; which is quite frequently; it prompts people to question the competence of others.

Somehow his individual successes are always a negative commentary on the state of New Zealand cricket. Its like they never expect him to score runs and take wickets.

If he motors along for a few more years Daniel Vettori will retire as one of New Zealand's highest run getters and wicket takers.

And you too will wonder; was HE one of the best they ever had?


straight point said...

without the 'control'... he is half the bowler he is... this we will see when he will play just as player...

Golandaaz said...

He also may be asked to bat higher up and will be tested as a batsman