Monday, January 10, 2011

Maa-kee, Mon-kee & circles

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We don't care about T20, but life comes a full circle for monkey-gate. Symonds, Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh the main protagonists in the scandal will be team-mates for Mumbai Indians in the IPL.

Australians just stopped short of calling India's God a liar. Adam Gilchrist, Ponting, Hayden and Symonds didn't think Tendulkar was completely truthful when he said that Harbhajan never said the hated "m" word. Although, those that know any Hindi will know that a decent Bihari or Punjoo or Andhra cricketer would have good reason to bash Bhajji's brains for calling him the "m" word, that was claimed to have been used instead of the monkey word.

Now Symonds will team up with Tendulkar, the chief witness and Harbhajan "the worm" Singh to try and win the IPL. I wonder what the dinner table conversation in the Symonds' household was like yesterday when he got 'sold' to his 'massa' Mumbai Indians' Mukesh Ambani for a decent $850,000.

Maybe, he will learn how to get away with racial abuse by learning a few choice Hindi or Marathi expletives from aamchay Mumbai Indians. In my opinion, this is Symonds greatest opportunity to re-create slapgate. He could simply slap Harbhajan silly and apologize. Gol-d thinks Bhajji has balls, but he hasn't really been at the receiving end of the slaps yet. Maybe this is our chance to find out.

Regardless of the actual result, Mumbai-kars love Symonds and he will get a warm welcome. In fact, with Pollard, he might form a great partnership. Also, there's a certain Blizzard in the team. If names are anything to go by, he should have been picked up first by the teams.

A nice juicy season awaits. Mumbai tabloids are licking their chops at the prospect of finding Symonds and Bhajji out in Page 3.


Pavilionopinions said...

Arf, it's a juicy prospect indeed. Not sure Harbi will be trying his Sreesanth move on Symonds. Apart from that I'm looking forward to Ten Doeschate. If anyone cares I've found a vid of him and posted some other things to look forward to at IPL4 here...

Golandaaz said...

I am a big Bhajji fan and also Symmonds. Its a great move to get them on the same side. Will draw in the crowds.

Symmonfs should have played in the Ashes. Instead he will give the Indians a boost. Here he won't have to get in bed by 8:00 pm like Michael Clarke does, so both Miumbai and Symmo will have a good time

I don't care for ODIs but T20s is the future and I intend to blog about T20