Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kallis turns the dagger

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I eat humble pie. I had blogged that I didn't think Kallis was a game-changer. Kallis just shut India out of the game. He has played beyond anyone in the India team is capable of playing. Sehwag, Tendulkar and Laxman cannot win India this game anymore. I don't see India having a whiff of a chance. In fact, defeat is a definite possibility. Yesterday I had blogged that Tendulkar demoralized SA. But Kallis' innings simply pumped new life into SA. Expect Steyn and Morkel to come in at full tilt tomorrow morning. The game could be over before tea.

It's amazing how Sreesanth and Zaheer were rendered completely ineffective by the South African batsmen. Good news is that Harbhajan has claimed a seven wicket haul and it's a meaningful harvest. Sreesanth needs some time in a day-care center. He's a child who's not matured. India have no reason to complain about biased referees if Sreesanth and Dhoni are allowed to get away with what was dished out today. While his behavior has been generally pushing the limits, today was pathetic.

Well, India may be the number one ranked team yet, but in order to prove it, they'll have to get 341 runs tomorrow or at least draw the game. I don't see that happening.


Fat Slob said...

Can Dhoni be responsible for Sreesanth? BTW, Sree is a grown man of 27+ age. IMO, Sree is a product of hype - his bowling record, general attitude and tantrums are there for all to see. Enough about him!! Zaheer got NIL swing or reverse swing.. if he had, SA bats would have been XXXed. SA fought hard, and India will do the same. Regardless, clear thinking is needed for the future. BTW, Shastri's way is to get things wrong and not eat humble pie. Whilst he will grow richer, you will hopefully grow wiser.

Anonymous said...

Whoa..that is a hasty assessment...India stands a good chance of winning if Sehwag gets going early tomorrow...sure, he has not done anything of note for a while now; but you never know..after all this same team did chase down a similar target against England in Chennai couple of years ago..

Vidooshak said...

FS - Dhoni as captain could come under the scanner for slow over rates.
Bullet - If Sehwag does get going and the rest of team does rally around him, then I get to eat more pie. This one would be the one in the sky instead of the humble one. Maybe after two helpings of pie I can switch names with FS.