Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ashes 5.3: Ashes Prediction

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We @ Cricket Opinions are now ready to come out in the open and make our 2010 Ashes predictions public. We say England win.

At first we thought Australia can't win it but it really wasn't a prediction - Yes we Can't

Then we thought of reasons why England could lose. Not that we said England would actualy lose - 6 Reasons England will lose the Ashes

Later, we almost said Australia will lose - Ashes: History is the only thing going for Australia

Then we developed doubts over England after just the first day @ the Gabba - Is England Real?

After Adelaide we noted the significance of England's win and proclaimed - Ashes 2.5: This Changes Everything

Then we wondered aloud if Australia can come back - Can Australia come back?

After Perth we were correct when we said - Ashes 3.4: This Doesn't Change Anything

Sure enough, England won @ the MCG and we argued amongst ourselves. I ranked England right up as the first amongst equals - How Good Are England? and Vidooshak argued that England are paper tigers

But now its official. We predict England will win. We will release the margin of victory shortly. For now we have ruled out 2-2

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Vidooshak said...

England have got to be the most confident team in the cricket world right now. And that helps being winners. Unfortunately, we won't find out until next summer and by then the Indian team may not be the same team.