Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ashes 5.2: England Looking For Trouble

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It is safe to conclude that Jimmy Anderson is Ian Bell's personal nightwatchman.

For the second time after Perth he is doing his duty protecting Mr. Bell. I know Collingwood bats higher than Bell, but by his own admission he is a dead man walking and at an average of 14 at #5, in this series, clearly he does not even qualify to be a nightwatchman. Even his own.

It is quite surprising that Australia are still in the series. Just how long should the list of blunders be for Australia to lose comfortably?

Or may be its just that England are too soft to finish off the Australians.

They allowed Mitch Johnson to score runs. They say he uses the runs with the bat to fuel his bowling.

I think England are in trouble. There are more Mitchell wickets to come. A 2-2 tie is what they deserve; especially if its going to drill some reality into people like Darren Gough.

England have never looked so good. Australia so bad. And yet 2-2 is a distinct reality. England will still celebrate.

Something is wrong with the whole Ashes business.

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Vidooshak said...

I think England will pull off a draw. They are not likely to win.