Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ponting's View

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During the 1980 Golden Jubilee Test - Botham's Test is more apt however, Indian captain GR Viswanath persuaded umpire Hanumant Rao to change his decision. The umpire gave Taylor out; caught behind to the bowling of Kapil Dev.

Taylor protested the decision and Gundappa Viswanath convinced the umpire to change his decision and rule Taylor not out.

In a low scoring game, Taylor's partnership of 171 with Ian Botham; who scored a century and took 13 wickets in the Test Match; was the game changer. Taylor got his reprieve when the partnership was worth 85

We asked Australia's Ricky Ponting to caption the 2 pictures

Ricky Ponting
A man of unquestionable integrity
Always undermined the
Umpires Authority


Govind Raj said...

I find nothing wrong with Ponting not 'walking'. It is fair enough. Nobody has called him back when he was given out wrongly. But his expecting others to walk is what leads to a lot of people to "Talk the Walk" !

Unknown said...

I agree with Govind! There are very few natural 'walkers', if I were to put it that way. Adam Gilchrist was one, and today Hashim Amla is one. I don't know if Jacques Kallis is a walker, but he does trust the fielder's word.

Other than that, I don't think there are too many other names from the current or recently concluded era to mention. So why just fault Ponting for it?

Vidooshak said...

The problem with Ponting is that he will not walk even for the most obvious outs. In the game against Pak, once Pak asked for a DRS, Ponting should have had the dignity of walking off. If the DRS wasn't asked for perhaps he could have stood his ground. There are other examples of bump catches being claimed while asking people to trust fielders words. This is seen by many as hypocrisy (cheating?) and not simply gamesmanship or hard-nosed professionalism.

Govind Raj said...

Professionalism is balderdash. Gamesmanship is old word. Most of what was practiced was downright cheating. But he expected KP and Indians to take the word of his fielders even after it was shown how they had claimed 'bump' catches and stood their ground even when caught in the third slip.

Australian Cricket went downhill after the Sydney shame in 2008. they have not won a Test against India since then.

Vidooshak said...

One could argue that Australia won Sydney only because of shame. It was the tipping point. The needle moved from being Australian-style-aggressive-cricket that stretched rules to their maximum to cheating.

Anonymous said...

grod ne grv ka sketch kya sahi banay hain!