Sunday, March 13, 2011

Opinions on... Taj Malik

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It is mind boggling to think that today's World cup game between New Zealand and Canada could have easily been between New Zealand and Afghanistan or It could well have been Australia v Afghanistan instead of Kenya.

I am not much of a fan of too many associate nations in the World Cup, but I just finished watching a wonderful movie with the most endearing of cricket coaches and I am no longer sure that I agree with myself.

"Out of the Ashes", is about Afghanistan Cricket and Taj Malik in equal measure. Taj Malik is the first coach of the Afghanistan National Cricket team. But, I am now wondering... if there are going to be no associate nations in the 2015 World Cup what does that do to the spirit of people like Taj Malik?

Not many coaches dream about taking a nation with no cricket pitches to qualify for the World Cup. Taj Malik did. And Afghanistan almost succeeded. Afghanistan needed to finish in the top 4 in the final qualifier. Instead they finished 5th behind Ireland, Kenya, Canada and Netherlands.

Along the way they won many games and many qualifiers. In Jersey, in Tanzania and in Argentina before the final one in South Africa. They beat teams like Ireland, UAE, Scotland, Namibia, Bermuda who are or have in the past qualified for the World Cup.

Taj Malik is no longer the coach of Afghanistan's national team. In fact very early in the qualifying journey he was replaced by a professional. But without Taj Malik there would be no Afghanistan cricket. I say this with no hint of exaggeration. Its a fact.

Watch "Out of the Ashes" and see it for yourself...


tracerbullet007 said...

hehe...I saw the documentary last week and thought of writing a piece on it..but figured that with the World Cup, no one would care!
It was truly inspirational, and it was refreshing to see the passion for the game in a different perspective..I believe that Ireland and Afghanistan are two of the best Associate nations out there...and hope that the ICC will consider allowing the top two associate nations to figure in every World Cup instead of shutting them out completely..

tom said...

Afghanistan would be playing this world cup now if there was no politics involved in afghan cricket board. WHY WE ARE NOT PLAYING IN THE 2011 WORLD CUP ??? COZ to afghan national team no one goes by they r performance afghan national team is made by connection whoever know some one in high level doesn't matter if he is good or bad he can go for a tour so that's the reason today we are not playing in the 2011 world cup if they dont fix those problems before even we start going forward we will start going backwards