Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quarter final predictions

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Earlier, before the tournament started Vidooshak correctly predicted 50% of the upsets. It could well have been 75% had Pollard not dislocated his finger. Even our predictions for 2011 were more or less accurate...Perhaps more on the less side; but as the year processes the less will dissolve into more. 

Emboldened by our ability to forecast all things cricket, correctly, we present predictions for the quarter finals. It comes with an absolute 100% guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with it due to things like DRS and match fixing; which are frankly beyond reasonable levels of control; we would be happy to refund your money back

I am amazed how people know Pakistan will do well in tournaments in spite of all the turmoil; and when they do; all of us work up excitement as if its something completely unexpected. Pakistan is a team that always plays to form; but somehow give everyone the feeling that they have exceeded all expectations.

Pakistan will lose to the West Indies.

Australia is a team that don't look like winning this world cup. The common view is that no one does. That's not quite right. South Africa do look like winning it all followed by India and England. England only because there seems to be a greater force with them. Also our view is that the best Test teams win world cups more often than not so we will stick with these teams as long as nothing happens that forces us to review our original views.

India will crush Australia. India has the unique distinction of dealing a knockout punch to the most number of defending champions....hmmmm... 2 to be exact. But that's double of the only other team to have dethroned a reigning world cup champion; England in 1987.

South Africa has never won a knock out style world cup game. We see no reason why we should challenge history. Yes, we are contradicting ourselves but reasonable analysis and accurate predictions that come with a money back guarantee are 2 different things. We just can't compromise our quality with regards predictions by adulterating it with reasoning.

New Zealand will do nothing spectacular. Who needs that when South Africa can beat themselves.

Everyone agrees that England have provided all the excitement in the World Cup. No one though is giving England any credit. Its as if they are the jokers of the tournament. We think we are not recognizing England's strength. Which is....well.. lets leave that for some other time. A lot of research is needed for this one.

Sri Lanka will crash out of the tournament. Go England.

Our other predictions

In other news....McDonald's in Australia will now sell quarter pounders with cheese as mini pounders with crap to Tim Nielsen. We have failed to verify is those things are even on the menu in Australia.


Unknown said...

Bold prediction those, Chanakya! If you record a 100% score, I will definitely forward this link to the ICC for investigation! ;-)

I do feel that there will be atleast one upset, which would mean at least one of West Indies, New Zealand and England will be seen in the semis. But gosh, you have predicted THREE upsets there. All the best!

Chanakya said...

As I said, our past record has emboldened us :-)

Vidooshak said...

West Indies beating Pakistan is a slight stretch. Gul will be hard to get away and without a contribution from Gayle, West Indies cannot win.

Anonymous said...

You have some bold upsets here. I dont agree, but I like them. India beating Australia is a bit of stretch. But I love it.

Govind Raj said...

Chanakya, if you care to remember... I had predicted a Pakistan win against Australia. So I have a 100% record too !

My predictions for Semi-final line up:

South Africa
Sri Lanka

The other 4 teams don't deserve to be there !

Vidooshak said...

I definitely believe England will beat Sri Lanka. India will upset Australia if Sehwag doesn't play. I hate sounding repititive. Or maybe I don't. His record sucks against Australia and it will be a smart move to bench him and let Yuvraj flourish in the MO. Yuvraj is an Australia giant-killer. SA will roll over New Zealand like a sumo wrestler squishing a bug.

Golandaaz said...


Sehwag is unlikely to play and will work in our favor.

The best part of the game for me was that I watched it on High Definition.

I had this HD channel all this while and was watching on Standard Definition. Man what clarity!

Apologies Vidooshak and TMK, when we watched the Ind-WI game, a better experience was just a few channels away.

Tees Maar Khan said...

Pakistan squashed WI today!!! I want my money back, Chanakya !!! I am betting on the exact opposite teams going forward. Australia (sorry MS), Sri Lanka and SA.

Chanakya, if my predictions come true, you should follow George Constanza's advice. Predict exactly opposite of what you feel... lol

Golandaaz said...


We @ Opinions are working on our contractual obligations regards the guarantee. Please give us 24 hours to get back to you

Rest assured you will get your money back; if it is contractually proven that we delivered less than 100% accurate predictions.

Vidooshak said...

Please see my prediction for tomorrow. India are going to start peaking now with Yuvraj having a pivotal role commensurate with his ego. It's going to be a chase of epic proportions. Almost like the 2003 India Pak game.

Anonymous said...


Golandaaz said...

Anon, this means competition! there is someone else who not only guarantees but "confirms" 100% a prediction