Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Naked World Cup

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This is a World Cup full of exposes. England exposed India a few days ago by nearly hunting down their massive total of 338 runs. India's bowlers ended up looking really awful, except for Zaheer who produced the sole highlight for them.

India, however, did their own by exposing the DRS. Ian Bell's non-dismissal exposed DRS's and ICC's (no intentional pun) shortcomings. Dhoni was upset at the "adulteration" of technology by humans. How dare they? Humans have only the right to invent technology with limitations. They cannot interfere with it. Let technology take over the world.

Lorgat and Richardson exposed Dhoni's lack of knowledge of the rules, especially the one related to the 2.5 m. LBW laws don't apply if the batsman is 2.5 meters out. So right now a move is afoot to cancel stumpings too if the batsman is 2.5 meters out, followed by run outs. This is because cameras are not accurate if the batsman is out of the frame. How can the umpire be sure that the image was not doctored by the TV folks? By the 2016 World Cup batsmen will be practicing "using their feet" to the spinners with a new aim - go out beyond 2.5 m.

N. Srinivasan, India' board President-to-be and a pompous richie rich to boot, exposed Richardson's lack of manners. Srinivasan also happens to be Dhoni's IPL "owner". Luckily for India and the viewing audiences, NS has not been "exposed" yet. Lorgat and Richardson are not sure that sight would help ticket sales and sponsorships.

To bring this to a full circle, Ireland exposed England today. Obi-Ran Kevinobe took it to England and it was actually fun to watch Stuart Brat exposed. England, of course, were not prepared for such a humiliation so quickly after seemingly having put Team India in it's place. When it dawned on them that the ground had something to do with it, they said it--exposed!!

As a result, the World Cup now looks like a nudist's colony.

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