Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pakistan Match Report #1: Canada (Pakistan need a cause)

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- By Real Imram Khan

There are 3 elements to my world famous "Cornered Tigers Theory"

  1. You need to be a team of tigers
  2. You need to be cornered
  3. You need a noble cause (Like building a cancer hospital)

The current Pakistani team looks less like a team of tigers and more like a herd of sheep. Players who have tiger like qualities Younis Khan Shahid Afridi Abdul Razzaq and Shoaib Akhtar seem to have had their attitudes "adulterated" (well of course as India's captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni would put it). They look so meek and seem to be holding back. Like they did for so long with Canada before their inner tigers roared. They look so meek even my good friend Sarfaraz could not recognize them in their game against Sri Lanka

Are Pakistan cornered? In a sense they are but that's largely due to their own doing. A country unsafe for touring teams and youngsters only looking to make a quick buck is bound to find it self  isolated. But isolation is not to be confused with being cornered. Its actually quite the opposite.

Lastly, where is the fucking cause? Why should Pakistan win the World Cup? If it was not for the cancer hospital, I would never have come back from retirement and won a World Cup for my country. This Pakistan team needs a cause. Redemption can't be a cause. At least not in my theory...

Many may argue that getting yourself in a corner is not the only way to win a World Cup. To those I say show me any other way Pakistan has won. 

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Vidooshak said...

Pak v Australia and India v SA assumes new significance. In retrospect, it almost seems like India played like champions to tie the game against England on that wicket.

Golandaaz said...

Exactly my thoughts on India's performance. I am now getting excited about the tie with retrospective effect :-)

Vidooshak said...

Right..I forgot that you were downcast after that result.

Anonymous said...

can we plz refer to him as GD instead of gol?

even g-rod may be more apt...given his more recent postings.

but i digress. canada should not be allowed to participate with the 'big' guys.

and any set of umpires who get 5 decisions overturned by UDRS should not be allowed to stand in 'real' matches.

and it should ok to look around the stadium before challenging a decision...


Vidooshak said...

G-Rod...seriously??? GD is already taken.

Golandaaz said...

This whole minnow love talk is predictable.

Anon this half baked DRS nonsense is making the umpires look worse and they freeze before giving a decision worrying about what if they are "found out". Unnecessary additional pressure on a guy already under pressure....

Just let the umpire decide for himself if he wants help in making a call, let him and his army of umpires see the evidence before making a call