Saturday, May 21, 2011

IPL playoffs explained

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Once the top 4 qualifiers for the playoffs are determined; how many games does it take to crown a winner.

3 is reasonable answer. But if its the IPL we are talking about; and indeed we are; then the answer is more like 6 games spread over 7 days.

Here is how it will work.

Game #1: Potential Eliminator-Qualifier. In plain English, its is a game that allows the teams to qualify for the right be eliminated in a future game meant to eliminate. In this game the top 2 teams the Chennai Super Kings and the Royal Challengers from Bangalore will be given a chance to lose, hopefully not deliberately, and qualify for Game #4 - The Eliminator

Game #2: Potential Qualifier-Qualifier. In this game the bottom 2 teams from the teams that have made the playoffs; the Mumbai Indians and the Knight Riders from Calcutta will be given a chance to win, hopefully intentionally, and qualify for Game #3 - The Qualifier

These 2 games above are obviously full of potential and as with anything with potential there is a risk that none of it will materialize in which case the games will be relabeled an 'Exercise-In-Futility-1' and 'Exercise-In-Futility-2', respectively

Game #3: Qualifier. Will be played between the team that fails to qualify for 'The Eliminator' game (from Game #1 above) and winner of game the 'Potential Eliminator-Qualifier' and there is a good chance that this will be a repeat of Game #1

Game #4: Eliminator. Will be played between the team that qualified to be eliminated from Game #1 and the team from Game #2 that did not qualify for the Qualifier game and in all likelihood this will be a repeat of Game #2.

At this point one team will be eliminated.

We hope.

Game #5: Qualifier II- The Mystery Continues. The team that was initially given a chance to eliminate it self but could not do so...remember the Eliminator game... yes Game #4, will be given another chance to get their act right and get eliminated. The is also a game that gives the team from the Qualifier game to repeat their failures from that game.

Game #6: The Finals. A replay of Game #1, Game #2 or Game #3


Vaibhav Sharma said...

IPL has done well to introduce this new format of play-offs as it now it makes sense to not only finish in top 4 but to also top the table as the 2 table toppers have the cushion of losing a match.

Anonymous said...

IPL is cool...
I like it
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Golandaaz said...

In this edition though the top 4 teams will play 6 games (including the 2 league matches). Its going to be get boring over the next week

straight point said...

will the winner take the trophy in the end...?

Golandaaz said...

out of sheer exhaustion no one might actually have the strength to lift anything at all

Reeta said...

It was really interesting to see this blog with all the information. Thanks for sharing this one.