Tuesday, May 17, 2011

West Indies Revival

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Years ago when Walsh and Ambrose still played test cricket, Caribbean pride meant something. We are old enough to remember a time when a Joel Garner retirement for the West Indies meant the ability to replace him with a Patterson, Walsh or Bishop in quick succession and continue battering the opposition. None of us would have ventured to think that a military medium bowler would make the West Indies team, let alone captain them and win them a test match.

My fellow blogger has already pointed out the rarity of a bowling captain winning their teams test matches. It takes dedication, discipline and leadership. Darren Sammy may yet not be able to keep the flock together and instill pride in them to sustain their fighting ways. West Indies may not have yet risen from the ashes. But a test win against a credible Pakistani challenge is to be savored.

Perhaps, this win may prompt Gayle, Taylor and Bravo to begin believing in their national cricket team and turn out for them with more pride. Maybe this is the tipping point. Maybe the descent is over and slow climb has begun. We yearn for a competitive West Indies team.

The Pakistani administrators running their cricket are trying to put genies into bottles. Because that's what Pakistan cricketers are. Love them or hate them, they thrive on performing miracles on the field. During the days of Miandad and Imran, the miracles happened frequently. It continued during the Wasim and Waqar years. Of late they are not happening as often. The genies are out there, with Abdul Razzaq the most recent miracle worker. Set them free!

This Pakistan test team is missing Younis and Yousuf. Unfortunately, Misbah and Akmal have no cover to learn and flourish. I haven't seen Asad Shafiq and Shehzad play, but they seem to have promise. A good batting coach is a must if Pakistan are to come back.

The series is alive.

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Vaibhav Sharma said...

Gayle and bravo are not seeing the long term loss of not representing their country!!! cricket needs west indies to get itself to latin america and north america!