Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The IPL Qualifier, Qadir on Qadir and Showing Cause

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First things first.... The IPL

Normally as most commentators would say; it doesn't matter how you get them; its the runs on the board that count.

Today the Chennai Super Kings disproved the theory.

If Gayle doesn't contribute then even a total of 175 can be chased. Perhaps its the way he gets those runs. Each time Gayle has got the runs the Royal Challengers from Bangalore have won and every time he hasn't they have lost. It almost does not matter what the others do.

Another reason Bangalore lost is because we @ Opinions are beginning to suspect that its not luck; its just that Mahendra Singh Dhoni might simply be "Un-lose-able". May be the games he does lose are the games he does not want to win.

Qadir on Qadir

Over at Cricinfo there is an interview with an attention seeking Abdul Qadir...

Abdul Qadir says that "they" said he had 3 types of googlies. We are wondering who "they" are...Our guess is its Robin Smith. He was the kind of batsman quite capable of getting out in 3 different ways to the same ball from the same spinner. 

To this Anil Kumble said he had 3 different types of straight balls.

Kamran Akmal said "That's nothing, I have 5 different ways to drop an edge"

Malinga said "That's too much variety, I have 1 yorker to get all types of batsmen out"

In a few dozen lines of interview with Abdul Qadir , we learn that Qadir had endorsements from all world cup winning captains that he is better than Shane Warne, he told Anil Kumble to be fast in the air, was responsible for selecting Mushtaq Ahmmed, he produced Kaneria, his WC 87 match winning innings in the Walsh game was equal to Miandad's last ball 6 in Sharjah, he declined to be Pakistan's Test Captain out of respect for Javed Miandad, and girls who did not follow cricket liked him....phew...

Showing Cause

Earlier today talking about Mumbai's chances in the IPL, Kapil Dev said that "Others need to step up, Sachin can't do it all the time. After all, he is just human".

The BCCI is has issued a show case notice to Kapil Dev, asking him to explain his comments.

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