Saturday, May 14, 2011

West Indies and Pakistan

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Back when I was in my college dorm in India, we used to joke about the food in the cafeteria. We contended that the cafeteria was like Doordarshan, the national TV channel. Every day we thought it could get no worse. Watching the West Indies administrators and players tango, I get the same feeling. They outdo themselves every day. Enough already!

What's clear is that West Indies have no where to go but up. And the first test match is proving that they are doing just that against Pakistan. West Indies have two experienced test match players to Paksitan's one. It appears that this alone is making the difference. In Sarwan and Chanderpaul, West Indies have a semblance of experience and stability. Despite Sammy's pedestrian performances, he appears to be a calm, non-controversial sorts that no one hates. The perfect compromise candidate.

It's difficult to say for me whether there are demons in the pitch or the two teams are simply too weak to last long enough. For the West Indies, Rampaul seems to have the attitude and luck required for a tyro fast bowler. His dismissal of Sachin Tendulkar in the World Cup had the characteristics of a bowler that just could bowl a stock ball and get lucky. Should the West Indies administrators realize that the team should be about players and not themselves, they could form a reasonable attack by bringing back Jerome Taylor. With Kemar Roach, Jerome Taylor and Rampaul, they might have a pace attack to claw their way back from the ditch.

Pakistan's volatility is not masked by Misbah's lone hand. Umar Akmal and others don't appear to be ready to assume the mantle of responsibility in test matches. The lack of home test matches is definitely hurting. Ijaz Butt may think he has stamped out player power, but he really has eliminated playing power. I have a feeling Pakistan have lost the passion and fighting qualities that made them the most dangerous and exciting team in cricket. I'm not sure if Pakistan should be looking to create a white collar team.

This test match is too close to call and the players are too new for one to make any predictions. But at this time, under home conditions and with some decent middle order batting plus Lendl Simmons, West Indies are a nose ahead.


zaheer said...

Pakistan team is passing through phases of revival, the identity of Pakistan cricket is its fast bowling but this team is short of quality fast bowling, but there are bowlers who are performing well in domestic. It is a matter of time, very soon Pakistan will be again on its peak of fast bowling. In addition, we feel boring like we watching PTV while tune to IPL matches.

Vidooshak said...

Zaheer - We all hope Pakistan comes back from wherever it is right now. It might be harder with the really poor administration in Pakistan. I think batting too needs to be shored up. With Gul, Riaz, Tanvir, Asif and Amir, Pakistan can figure out its bowling conundrum quickly. But the batting just seems to lack the guts, courage and fighting capabilities of before.