Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Partnership

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They have just now ordered dessert.

That's according to the latest reports coming out of the restaurant where Rahul and Laxman are having dinner. The date was set a few weeks back. Both unaware that it corresponded with the 10th anniversary of probably the greatest day in India's Test cricket history.

But pesky reporters and know-it-all Cricinfo editors with SMS-happy friends were all over the event, the historical significance of the date of the date and the impact of "that partnership" on India eventually being crowned the Test Champions.

The restaurant has now called in their third shift of staff but Rahul and Laxman are not done yet.

Initially the restaurant were dishing their choicest of dishes. Made to the chef's precise specifications. There were tasters with knowledge of Rahul and Laxman's taste preferences and dishes were customized accordingly. Rahul and Laxman acknowledged the restaurant's efforts with a nod towards the servers. A sign of respect. We know you are dishing out your best and we know you are taking our likes into account. We appreciate it. They seemed to say

As the evening wore on, and "the partnership" evolved, the restaurant staff was growing tired. Food standards began to slip; first unconsciously due to physical fatigue and later due to mental exhaustion.

Rahul and Laxman gulped down whatever that was served to them with increasing voracity. The conversation tapered off as the evening progressed. The restaurant took it as a sign that soon the guests will leave. In truth, Rahul and Laxman were communicating in silence. The sighs, the subtle eye contact, the humming of old hindi songs, each became a vehicle for intimate communication. A conversation that excluded everyone and everything beyond just the two of them.

They were in the zone.

Then they ordered dessert. The waiter as he served the cakes and coffee saw an SMS on Rahul's phone. Declaration in an hour - Dada.


tracerbullet007 said...

brilliant stuff!

Golandaaz said...

thank you sir

Govind Raj said...

3 Cheers, one for each session on 'THAT' day !

And an bonus for this piece of wholesome stuff !

Golandaaz said...

Thanks GR :-)

straight point said...

pigeons kept blowing over 'waugh'a border... i hope they were 'warne'd...

Vidooshak said...

And they had a second helping of this in Adelaide.

Golandaaz said...

Adelaide was a fat-free affair. No McGrath No Warne