Saturday, March 5, 2011

India v Ireland: Its just another game

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Apart from the usual problems of player ageing associated with such a long tournament; the organizers also have to deal with the seasons. A tournament which started in winter in one part of the host country has now entered the monsoon season in another.

The latest reports released by the United Nations committee on climate change shows that the earth's temperature has risen a whole degree at the poles, since the start of the World Cup. Unfortunately today's climate change tools and models can't see too far into the future. Just how much the earth's temperature would rise by the time the knockout phase starts is something today's cutting edge tools are unable to predict.

Much like ICC's DRS system for ball tracking.  

The long breaks between games is not helping India. Players have too much time on their hands to over analyze past games, seek sadistic pleasures in the debacles against minnows of fellow test members, over prepare for the future games and in general indulge in strategery far greater than the one Grorge Bush thought necessary before invading Iraq.

Worrying levels of lethargy has crept up in the Indian team.

Ever since the Kevin O'Brien magic, Yusuf Pathan is left with a feeling of betrayal. Betrayed by his own destiny. It was a script written with him in mind, he says. 

He was last seen tweeting with Shatrughan Sinha.

Earlier in the week, Gary Kirsten administered a psychology test for his boys. "Are you a closet minnow lover". Sachin Tendulkar as usual outperformed his team mates. When Saurav Ganguly learnt about this test he wrote a letter to BCCI that such tests should be open to ex-players as well. 

Virendra Sehwag is now claiming that he was either misquoted or his "I-would-like-to-play-50-overs"  comments are being misrepresented. He is not sure which one. He said that since the whole team could not last 50 overs against England, he has now even lost his addition to his hair.

All the talk of Ireland being a threat to India is basically hype. Reality is, England played like worn out prostitutes. Many in the Indian team believe they even caught England showing glimpses of pleasure as Kevin O'Brien was turning it on. It is largely believed that such a thing will never happen to India. Not many in the Indian team can turn Kevin O'Brien on like say a Stuart Broad.

More than England's defeat to Ireland, what is rattling the Indian team is comments on Friday by the President of ISTA (Indian Stone Throwers Association). He noted on a TV talk show that a team that collapsed for 58 against a team whose captain is Darren Sammy, was allowed to score in excess of 280 by India. 

For once, Sachin Tendulkar's Its-just-another-game rants are resonating with his team members and scratch his bald head as he might, Sehwag just can't get the revenge theme going this time.


Vidooshak said...

With all the hot air being blown about, instant climate change is a probable match fixing tactic. :-) After all the minnow thrashing and associate bashing, the one marquee game we look forward to is washed out. What a waste of time!

Krishna said...

Haha... nice post. Yusuf must be rueing playing as low down the order as he is currently. must be secretly jealous of K O'Brein and might be contemplating doing a Balaji Rao in favor of Ireland ;)