Monday, March 21, 2011

Asset Utilization

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The India team is much smarter than people are giving it credit. Financial analysts believe that if Team India were were a corporate stock that they were trading, they would be bidding it up much more than other teams.

In the ideal scenario, India would have had wicket number 10 fall on the last ball of the innings while running the 5th run or securing 5 wides. What journalists and bloggerazzi routinely term as a collapse is being laughed off by financial wizards as naivette and bumpkinry.

The theory goes that asset utilization is critical to the financial health of any team. Each player is paid several million rupees to be part of the team. Therefore, in order to earn the return on every one of these assets purchased by the team, every batsman has to bat and has to run his natural life at the crease. If they perform less than their average, then I'm assuming they are considered to have underperformed, but being out negates that.

All teams that are getting all out in the 50 overs assigned to them are utlizing their assets fully and therefore are spending their money wisely. Whereas teams like South Africa and Sri Lanka that are winning comfortably with gas left in their tanks are dunderheads.

This is the wisdom that Dhoni and the "think-tank" have acquired, which us naive fans are unable to comprehend and fathom. All is well.

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Tees Maar Khan said...

With the advent of T20, I had a feeling the Indian batsmen really understand how to bat the last 10 overs of a game. What's going on with them in the last 2 matches is just ridonculous !!! The first 3-4 batsmen are presenting a cake on a silver platter, and the rest of the batsmen, like spoilt brats, are kicking it away !!! Shame on them.

Until the last 2 matches, we were lamenting the bowling. Now it's the middle/lower order batsmen. How can this Indian team win the WC.... this is so frustrating !!!

Vidooshak said...


The good news is that the last match went to script. The top four scored all the runs and these runs were enough to "spook" the opposition. With one good bowler India were able to take care of business. I say, let Sehwag keep warming the benches if this is a guaranteed outcome.