Friday, February 7, 2014

The KP Mess

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England have become the running joke for players all over the world. From amateur cricketers to roadside tyros to full time pros everyone is scratching their heads trying to figure this out. If performance isn't the criteria what is? England's message seems to be, "you are part of the team if you are a middling semi-performer but obedient."

The finger has to be pointed at Andy Flower. He seems to believe in his own coaching style over the talent that his players have. England lost in Australia only because KP played poorly. What that means is that the rest of the players' contribution is immaterial. To turn a match around, England needed KP to step up. If Flower, Cook and Prior couldn't motivate KP to deliver their sorry asses need to be thrown out. To blame KP for the series loss while hanging on to proven non-difference-makers like Tim Bresnan et al shows just how much England's administrative head needs a collective brainwash or a flush down the toilet.

The world is welcome to sympathize with Jonathan Trott who was persisted with though he was suffering from stress related illness. For the life of me, I can't figure out what's taboo about this illness. Players are left out from the side for having the flu, a toothache and delhi belly. Why did Flower and company knowingly include a player that was suffering from a far bigger condition than any of these. Shouldn't the finger of blame be squarely put on Andy Flower for backing an unfit player while trying to "tame" a proven match-winner? Trott left the team early and Flower had no real back up plan.

I've ranted often against self-absorbed administrators who seem to think that they have the power of God to turn mediocre players into super-stars. For every player that one or two good coaches do seem to turn around, they destroy several others. When are they going to realize that it's about the players and trying to get the best out of them? KP has a good 3-4 years left in him and he's going to ply his trade in the IPL and sundry leagues. Andy Flower may think that he has won a victory, but all he's managed to do is to set England back by 2-4 years.

Australia showed the way when they got rid of "homework" Mickey and rehabilitated both Warner and Watson. The results were astounding. England on the other hand pandered to Andy Flower and paid the price. They continue to genuflect to his "genius", not realizing that he is way past his prime. To give him KPs head as a parting gift is a huge tragedy. For all his "accomplishments", Flower remains just another ego-maniacal ex-player who is too full of himself.

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