Monday, July 29, 2013

Mumbai Police have unnecessarily inconvenienced the BCCI

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The BCCI has given itself a clean chit, after a report from a inquiry committee that it itself set up to investigate its own potential links to the IPL fixing scandals.

The question now in my mind is how to we ensure fringe organizations like the Mumbai Police do not inconvenience the functioning of the BCCI and smear baseless allegations against the fine gentlemen that run the IPL for the BCCI.

If the BCCI's clean chit to it self has to be taken at face value, then one must question what the Mumbai Police were up to?

It is to the immense maturity and level headed nature of N. Srinivasan, that he isn't pressing charges against the Mumbai Police for unnecessarily dragging his name into the murky world of cricket betting. A lesser man would have turned vindictive and banned the Mumbai Police.

Its no laughing matter...

The BCCI can ban the Mumbai Police.

It is believed that N. Srinivasan has also declined to apply for unemployment benefits for the 60 odd days he was asked to step aside. Such sacrifice for the cause of the game is being hailed by one and all....mostly Sunil Gavaskar.

As the cricketing fraternity (mostly Sunil Gavaskar) is beginning to absorb the level of injustice done to N. Srinivasan, words of encouragement to N Srinivasan and scorn against the Mumbai Police are beginning to get louder.

Sunil Manohar Gavaskar speaking on Television said, "Cricket is an interrrrrnal matter of the BCCI, and the Mumbai Police should have known better".

Harsha Bholge said, "With this move the BCCI have not only done the right thing, but also I am sure the public will perceive this to be the right thing. By not using their might against the Mumbai Police for false accusations, the BCCI has shown the world that it is not the bully that foreigners wrongly perceive them to be. That they have forgiven the Mumbai Police is testament to their restraint"

Sensing the mood of the 'cricketing fraternity', the Mumbai Police have promised to hold their own internal probe into why innocent IPL owners from reputable businesses were unnecessarily accused of wrong doing.

The BCCI was right all along. It was a case of a few rotten eggs succumbing to the lure of cash.

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