Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cricket Coaching Apps

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Golf applications for the iPhone and iPad flood the airwaves. There's tons of tips, coaching, drills and expert advise. I was hunting for cricket apps for years to see if Cricket could be made accessible to the masses. Take the mystery out of the game and open it up for those amateur cricketers who play leather or tennis ball cricket in leagues all over the place.

Normally, I don't put in a plug for any apps, but this one is really worth it. Recently, a friend provided a tip about CC Batting, Bowling and Fielding and I decided to check them out. At first I didn't know what to expect. However, these apps blew me away with their depth and breadth of material.

The very first thing that was pleasing to me is that the user interface is very, very easy to use. The app takes you directly into the mother-load without bothering you with intrusive intro screens and stuff.  The content itself is structured remarkably intuitively and one can easily navigate to what one is looking for without more than 2-3 touches.

The bowling app covers all kinds of bowling. Grips, run-up tips, foot landing, release, everything. Pictures with grips, coaching points in writing and video execution is all provided. For an aspiring amateur cricketer and even for a regular player looking for a quick reference guide to fix faults or improve, this quick, easy and accessible. The quality of the videos was way better than I expected. About the only bone I would pick is that the fast bowling videos provide a little more close up of the bowlers.

The batting application is very, very detailed too. Shot zones was my favorite. How often do we play the wrong shot due to well trained instinct? This app provides the best insight into shot selection that I have seen in a long time. The coaching tips provided a what every coach might tell his ward, but the detailed point by point enunciation is a important accompaniment for the videos and pictures provided.

If anyone is looking for a coaching application that's handy, technically credible and detailed, this is it. I wish I could rate the app online and give it five stars or at least a 4.5 to not gush too much. But I believe the makers have a winner here. It's worth it's price.

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