Saturday, June 25, 2011

Roger is like family : Sachin

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Roger Federer has said that he dreams of a day when he can take time off from Wimbledon and spend time watching Sachin Tendulkar play live, meet with him and take pictures with the great man.

Sachin Tendulkar said, he is living Roger Federer's dream.

Usain Bolt too said that he dreams of watching Sachin Tendulkar play live. He could have realized his dream in his hometown of Jamaica but Sachin Tendulkar was spending quality time with Roger Federer; whom he considers "family".

It was only last year when Usain Bolt declined to participate in the Commonwealth games. Had he done so, he could have watched Sachin Tendulkar score a double hundred against Australia at Bangalore.

The same day Indian women ran one of the most inspired 4x400 race ever

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Wenq said...

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Vidooshak said...

This is a great plan by Sachin to get used to the English conditions while spending time with family. :-)

Gaurav Sethi said...

What a relay, what a replay

Golandaaz said...

If I were in Roger's place, I would have told Sachin..."Dude what the f?ck are you you doing here, get in your whites and gets you ass to Jamaica. You will never see me skip Wimbledon to see you, never...ever.."

Vaibhav Sharma said...

sachin seems to be taking revenge from Usain bolt.